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Digital Entrepreneurship – Case Study With Murphy Beds

Today, more and more online marketers move into the space of digital products. There are many obvious advantages here, and we will try to dig a little deeper in this post.

When we talk about digital products we mean stuff like E-books, E-courses, DIY-manuals etc. Stuff, which are purely digital, and can be instantly “shipped” by e-mail to the buyer. Continue reading

ACF Galleries and a slider caousel in WordPress

Working with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is a fantastic experience for most developers.  the plugin doesn’t just add extra functionality, it makes WordPress better, it improves the WP UI and is very very slick.I know there has been a few voices out there upset at recent changes to the business model of the plugin, and its shift to a Pro version, rather than the existing extensions, and changes to its database schema over the years, but personally I think it was dealt with well, and the Pro version is an absolute must have plugin. I have never experienced any issues. Continue reading

Co-working and Freelancing in the DIY Economy

Working the past year as a consultant outside of a traditional office or agency I have seen a shift in the working environment. There is a major shift taking place in how people are going to work. Corporations continue to outsource many functions they would keep in-house in the past. A recent Edelman study reported that over 50 million Americans are employed as freelancers.

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Implementing Personalization in Ecommerce – Why and How?

Local small businesses are often successful for one reason – personalized customer service. They learn about their customers and make recommendations based on what they know about the customer. Ecommerce stores can do the same thing. Implementing personalization can help boost your bottom line and overall customer satisfaction.

What Is Personalization? Continue reading

The 20 most popular SEO and Social media plugins

Over at Best Plugins they have created some great info on plugins for WordPress and many other platforms, we thought we would share a great infographic on WordPress SEO and social media plugins.

The info includes Downloads, ratings and the amount of versions. If you also check the plugins at WordPress.org you can see the amount the plugins are installed too.

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