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Spam comments for links

It is nice to get comments on the things you have written and shared, but like many sites, I still get an awful lot of people submitting comments for cheap links, without reading the blog or even being relevant to what has been written. Not to mention most don’t even make sense. I thought I would share a few with you anyway.

Photo Flickr (creative commons) : by epSos.de

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Tunisian Street Art

Found some amazing images on the Guardian site today, thought I would share them, see the original story here.

It sounds odd to invite people to scrawl over the walls of a picturesque Tunisian village. Usually, graffiti is not welcome, but what happens in Erriadh is unique…

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Font Awesome

I came across 2 WordPress sites today that both had a few plugins installed to enable Font Awesome on their sites. If you’re going to use font icons, I would highly recommend the CDN version of Font Awesome.
It is sensible for a number of reasons.
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For when those WordPress plugins don’t seem to play well with your theme, and everything seems that little bit slower. A simple little thing like caching can help a lot, and like many themes, some of those plugins are overkill for your needs. WordPress .htaccess caching.
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wordpress pinglist

The ‘pinglist’ within WordPress is one of the most useful functions of WordPress for a blogger. Every-time you create, edit, publish a new post, the ping service notifies your ‘pinglist’ sites of the change, allowing the search engines to index your new blog quicker than normal. To set this up is pretty easy, and it is enabled by default.

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