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The 20 most popular SEO and Social media plugins

Over at Best Plugins they have created some great info on plugins for WordPress and many other platforms, we thought we would share a great infographic on WordPress SEO and social media plugins.

The info includes Downloads, ratings and the amount of versions. If you also check the plugins at WordPress.org you can see the amount the plugins are installed too.

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3 Apps to make your housework a breeze

For those of us who took the wonderful decision to become self-employed and work from home, you will know that your business is only part of the jigsaw that makes up a happy home and work place.

Being happily married for many years and having two, I have to say, gorgeous kids, comes with responsibility, and while providing for your family is essential, keeping a clean house and happy spouse is critical. Continue reading

Thats why my Mac keeps going to sleep!

Only just realised why my MBA keeps going to sleep on my lap while I am working in front of the TV. My iPhone 6 in my pocket! The magnet in the case is interfering with the Hall Effect switch on the left hand side of the body of the Mac. There is a simple fix though. Took me ages to work it out and implement it properly.

Take the phone out of your pocket, and remember, you need to do this each time you sit down to work on your sofa!

Redirect category images to external site

Had a request to make the featured image of all custom posts in a specific category redirect to external pages, each link being different, and the client needed to be able to change the URLs on demand. Not sure if the approach I took was the best, but it seemed to work!

The custom taxonomies were created in ACF. The idea was to make a meta box in the custom post that would save the inputted text to the database, which inturn could be called later.

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Apple watch coming soon

I like new Apple stuff, and I like watches.

Early next year the new watch from Apple will be available, and I am certainly looking forward to it. There seems a good amount of choices and comes in two face sizes — 1.5 and 1.65 inches, but I do worry that you will have to have a new iPhone at launch, though the iPhone 5 should be ok.

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